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Albeit an online one!

Yes, we are not a just regular website that will give you a lowdown on the best sites that you need to visit to make a deal or tell you which bookmaker is a genuine one and which one has turned out to be delinquent spite of what the people perceive him to be. We are all this and much much more!

Our specialty is that we are entirely about gambling and betting

The website talks about these subjects undiluted. The major agenda of the site is to give you a complete picture of the gambling and betting scene not only in your country but worldwide. It is the ringside view of the best things happening in the world of betting. It is a wonderful world out there and let me tell you that while there is a lot of things that you have not really explored but known there are equally lot of things still that you do not even know of. This website tries to bridge that gap!

The featured list:
Every month we feature ten bookmakers and their betting and gambling websites and the offers that they have for you. A detailed discussion and an article are what we warrant on each one of the bookmakers so featured on the site. Patrons are also welcome to ask questions to the website directly and the discussion can be moderated by the site.
FAQs answered:
A very popular feature of the site is its FAQ section which has a database of whopping 500 questions answered in detail. There is a provision for asking questions and getting answers from the expert panel too. We also reward two persons every month who ask our experts the best two questions. The decision of the panelists is final and binding. The winners get additional discount and bonus offers on any of the existing deals on the bookmakers of their choice.
Contests galore:
The website has contests and slogan competitions every month that is hosted by any one of the bookmakers and the winners shall be entitled to prizes from them. Also, a grand prize is also drawn over all the people who have participated in the various competitions throughout the year and the winner gets awesome book deals. What are you waiting for? Put on your thinking caps and start away!